In preparation for preaching, I read a lot. Sometimes the stuff I read gets quoted in the sermon. Sometimes it stays in the background as context. Sometimes it just serves to inform and educate me. Regardless of how it gets used (or doesn’t), I enjoy sharing it with others when I can.

So, here are some links to articles, books, and resources used in today’s sermon on biblical womanhood, from Titus 2:1-10.

How Sheryl Sandberg is Turning Feminism into a Tech Brand – Bloomberg News feature article

Recline, Don’t Lean In (Why I Hate Sheryl Sandberg) – Rosa Brooks in the WaPo

Facebook Feminism, Like It or Not – Susan Faludi on – a website started by Suzanne Venker tracking the “war on men” in American society

Andrew Wilson on “A Theology of Femaleness” – teaching video from Think Theology UK

Made for More – Hannah Anderson’s excellent book on biblical womanhood