Coram Deo Church Position Papers

Missional Ecclesiology

The ways in which American Christians “do church” are shaped largely by what we believe church to be. Our
theology determines our methodology. So as we plant new churches, it will do no good to try and reform the ways in
which we do church without addressing the fundamental question of what church is. This essay seeks to engage Scripture with the theological question, “What is ‘the church?’” Once we have answered this question, we will explore how the biblical answer affects the ways we “do church.”

Why We Use Liturgy?

Visitors to Coram Deo’s worship gathering will immediately recognize the use of liturgy in our worship. We follow a definite pattern every week. We employ scripted confessions, creeds, prayers, and professions of faith to structure to our worship. The question is: why? This short essay seeks to answer that question for those new to this type of worship and also for those called to lead it.

Church Planting Prospectus

This document is the original church planting prospectus for what later became known as Coram Deo Church. It was
written by Bob Thune in 2005 for the elders and leaders of Christ Community Church, where Bob was serving
as a teaching pastor. In order to maintain this sense of historical context, all original dates, timeline, and contextual
references have all been preserved.

Deacon Position Paper

The leadership of Christ’s church is a matter of crucial theological importance. Scripture cautions us to be on guard
against church leaders who teach false doctrines, promote controversies, and turn aside to meaningless talk (1 Tim. 1:3-
7). In spite of these warnings, we live in a day and age when the average Christian’s understanding of biblical church
leadership is anemic at best and nonexistent at worst. Thus, it is important for the eldership of a local church to
articulate biblically and theologically its position on matters of church leadership.