Protect Your Kids: How to Install an Internet Filter

If you’re a parent, one of your most important responsibilities is protecting your children – and yourself – from the torrent of degrading, disgusting, and depraved material that’s out there on the internet. The same network connection that brings much good – online education, gospel proclamation, and funny videos – can also be a source of tremendous evil. And with a global pandemic making us more dependent on the internet than ever before, we need to be vigilant about protecting those we love. Which is why you need to install a router-level internet filter.

Using parental controls on your individual devices is like putting a water filter on every single faucet. A better solution would be to install a water filter on the main water line coming into your house. And that’s what router-level filtering software (i.e. DNS resolution software) does. It filters your internet traffic at the source – your main router connection – so that every “downstream” device that connects to your wi-fi is automatically protected.

A company called Cloudflare just introduced a new DNS-filtering product last week. I personally use a different DNS-filtering solution, so I haven’t installed this one personally. But a IT-specialist friend of mine highly recommended the new Cloudflare product and advised that every Christian family should consider installing it. It’s totally free, it’s regularly updated, and it filters out both adult content and malware. You can install this internet filter in just minutes with a mild level of proficiency – and even if you’re a total tech novice, there’s probably someone in your immediate circle of friends who can help you get it up and running.

One caveat: solutions like this only work for internet traffic; they don’t filter your cellular connection. So if your household owns devices that have both wi-fi and cellular (like smartphones), you’ll still need to address the cellular side of the equation. (Which is why, in our household, we stick to wi-fi-only devices.)

Would you let your kids wander dangerous neighborhoods alone? Would you let them start conversations with any stranger at the playground? Would you let them play with dangerous weapons? Then don’t let them near an unfiltered internet connection either. Lock your wi-fi down with a DNS-level solution like Cloudflare’s for Families. It’s a simple and easy way to love and lead your family.

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