The Four Seasons of a Man’s Life

What season of life are you in as a man? And how should that affect your approach to life?

Justin Curtis recently preached “A Word to Men” at Coram Deo Church from Titus 2:1-10. In his sermon he referenced “The Four Seasons of a Man’s Life” from the Authentic Manhood material (an excellent teaching series for men that I can’t recommend highly enough).

In my opinion these four basic seasons are critical for every man to grasp. Just think about the 42-year-old guy who’s trying to act like he’s 22, or the 25-year-old guy who hasn’t taken responsibility for himself and his own future, and you can see why embracing each season and transitioning well is crucial.

Below is a summary of the four seasons of every man’s life. What season are you in? What season are the men around you in? How can you help them live into the fullness of that season?

Spring Season | Age 0-20

  • Theme: IDENTITY
  • The key to this stage is transitioning to adulthood well
  • The key questions of this stage:
    • Who am I? What are my talents?
    • Who am I not? What are my limitations?

Summer Season | Age 20-40

  • The key to this stage is perfecting your skill set and distinguishing your expertise in some area of life that contributes to the good of society.
  • Key questions for your 20’s:
    • What do I want out of life?
    • Where will I distinguish myself professionally?
    • How am I different from my parents?
    • What do I really believe?
    • Around what person or conviction will I organize my life?
  • Key questions for your 30s
    • How do I prioritize the demands made on my life?
    • Have I allowed enough time for a vibrant spiritual life and authentic relationships?

Fall Season | Age 40-60

  • Theme: INFLUENCE
  • Key questions for this stage:
    • Have I achieved everything I wanted?
    • Do I have dreams that are unfulfilled?
    • Can my mistakes be redeemed?
    • Are my accomplishments fulfilling?
    • The major danger of this season mid-life crisis: an escape to numb the pain of past sin/failures or futile attempts to relive the past.

Winter Season | Age 60 +

  • Those who have lived the seasons of manhood well are now marked by composure, maturity, and insight.
  • Young men don’t see you as competition, but as a champion – which gives you tremendous access to mentor and invest in the next generation.
  • The greatest danger of this season is for a man to buy the lie that he can no longer contribute.
  • The major opportunity of this season is to take advantage of your flexibility and to be a blessing to those around you.

For more on the four seasons of a man’s life, check out 33: The Series, Volume 1: A Man and His Design


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  1. This is a piece of total insight,
    May God help us sail through all the seasons and have a maximum output.

  2. I have enjoyed this sermon outline so much I agree that the fall is seasons of Lost you lose dogs that you had for 15 or more years you lose mothers and fathers friends that you went to school with you seem to have more on the other side then on this side of it thank God for his mercy and Grace and the hope that we will all be reunited again someday

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