Growing in Gospel-Centered Preaching

As a preacher, I want to consistently be honing my craft. I’m always striving to become more gospel-fluent, more interesting, and more persuasive as a communicator of God’s Word. If you’re a preacher, I pray that you share those longings.

I’ve read many books on preaching, and I find them both helpful and discouraging. Helpful, because they always deepen my understanding. Yet discouraging, because each author seems to have his own “take” on the craft that never fully resonates with my skill set or situation.

So over the years, I’ve distilled my own set of “best practices” from the many authors who have influenced me. Not a single aspect of what’s below is original. I owe a great debt to Tim Keller, Bryan Chapell, Haddon Robinson, Mark Driscoll, Ray Ortlund, Jack Miller, and my good friend Will Walker. This is their stuff.

Below are three charts I have taped to the wall of my study which serve as reminders and guides as I strive to prepare a gospel-centered sermon. I trust younger preachers will find them helpful as they seek to “inhabit the tradition” and build on the work of those who have gone before.

Preachers: what resources have you found helpful that aren’t reflected below?

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  1. Bob, Excellent list that all preachers will benefit from. In addition to the names mentioned, I like Duvall and Hays approach to interpretation in “Grasping Gods Word” where they use the illustration of the “principalizing bridge” — in other words….what did the text mean to the original readers and what is the theological principle that “bridges” from their time to ours.

    Merlyn Klaus

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