Why I Haven’t Been Writing

Nothing could be more cliché than a blog writer posting about his lack of posting. But hey, clichés exist for a reason.

This blog has been languishing for months under a paucity of new content. (I chose the word “paucity” to make this worth your time). Why? Here are a number of reasons:

  1. I’ve been in a season of leadership in which I’ve needed to focus the best of my time and energy in other directions. I dislike these seasons, because writing is an important creative outlet for me. But the fact remains that such seasons are a reality of leadership. Any writer who tells you otherwise is probably a true writer, not a leader/pastor/husband/father who moonlights as a writer in his spare time.
  2. Much of this year has been devoted to getting The Gospel-Centered Community ready for publication (about which see #1). I’ve needed to put my best writing time toward edits and tweaks and pre-press revisions. To say it another way: the business of writing has taken priority over the pleasure of writing. Which is why musicians who make it big eventually record bootleg albums on the side.
  3. My mom always told me, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” Which hasn’t left a lot to say at times.
  4. Most importantly: the Lord Jesus Christ has been doing a good work of sanctification in my soul recently, which is more enjoyable to enjoy than to write about. It’s been a joyful season of peace and growth for Leigh and me, and I just haven’t had the itch to write much. As the Spirit awakens the desire… I’m excited to write more.


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