Homosexuality and the Christian: Audio

“I’m attracted to men,” my college roommate blurted out in a jumbled mixture of courage and sheepishness. Beginning with that conversation 18 years ago, God has given me a steady stream of friends and acquaintances who have struggled with homosexual desires.

It’s clear that homosexuality is THE issue that Christians will have to answer for in American culture. It’s not an issue we can avoid apologetically… or pastorally. There are many within Coram Deo who struggle personally with same-sex attraction.

So it’s crucial that Christians give some time and thought to the issue of homosexuality. In light of the recent Supreme Court decisions about marriage, we decided to host an in-house open forum for the people of Coram Deo to engage the subject.

Because this was an in-house conversation, we’re making a number of assumptions that readers of this blog may not share. We’re assuming the existence of God, the authority of Scripture, and the objective nature of ethics. As you’ll hear me say in the introduction, this is a pastoral conversation, not an apologetic one. So if you’re reading or listening as a skeptic, make room for our epistemological assumptions… and consider your own.

My guest for this event is my friend Doug, who lived as a partnered gay man for over a decade before being radically converted to Christ – and in fact, even afterward. But I’m getting ahead of myself…

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[audio:http://cdaudio.s3.amazonaws.com/Homosexuality_andthe_Christian_mixdown.mp3|titles=Homosexuality and the Christian|artists=Bob Thune]

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