Thomas Brooks: Satan’s Devices, Part 2

More of the outline of Thomas’ Brooks Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices… See part 1 for context


1. By presenting the world in such a garb as to ensnare the soul: For remedies, consider that

  1. all things here below are impotent and weak
  2. they are also full of vanity
  3. all things under the sun are uncertain and mutable
  4. the great things of the world are hurtful to men owing to the corruption of their hearts
  5. all the felicity of this world is mixed
  6. it is needful to get better acquainted with, and assurance of, more blessed and glorious things
  7. true happiness and satisfaction does not arise from worldly good
  8. the value and dignity of the soul is to be a subject of contemplation

2. By presenting to the soul the dangers, losses and sufferings that accompany the performance of certain religious duties: For remedies, consider that

  1. all such troubles cannot harm the true Christian
  2. saints now glorified encountered such dangers, but persevered to the end
  3. all such dangers are but for a moment, whereas the neglect of the service of God lays the Christian open to spiritual and eternal dangers
  4. God knows how to deliver from troubles by troubles, from dangers by dangers
  5. In the service of God, despite troubles and afflictions, the gains outweigh the losses

3. By presenting to the soul the difficulty of performing religious duties: For remedies, consider that

  1. it is better to regard the necessity of the duty than the difficulty of it
  2. the Lord Jesus will reveal Himself to the obedient soul and thus make the service easy
  3. the Lord Jesus has Himself engaged in hard service and in suffering for your temporal and eternal good
  4. religious duties are only difficult to the worse, not to the more noble part of a saint
  5. a glorious recompense awaits saints who serve the Lord in the face of difficulties and discouragements

4. By causing saints to draw false inferences from the blessed and glorious things that Christ has done: For remedies, consider that

  1. it is as needful to dwell as much upon scriptures that state Christian duty as upon those that speak of the glorious things that Christ has done for us
  2. the glorious things that Christ has done and is now doing for us should be our strongest motives and encouragements for the performance of our duties
  3. other precious souls who have rested on Christ’s work have been very active and lively in religious duties
  4. those who do not walk in God’s ways cannot have such evidence of their righteousness before God as can those who rejoice in the service of the Lord
  5. duties are to be esteemed not by their acts but by their ends

5. By presenting to view the fewness and poverty of those who hold to religious practices: For remedies, consider that

  1. though saints are outwardly poor, they are inwardly rich
  2. in all ages God has had some that have been rich, wise and honorable
  3. spiritual riches infinitely transcend temporal riches, and satisfy the poorest saints
  4. saints now appear to be ‘a little flock’, but they belong to a company that cannot be numbered
  5. it is but as a day before these despised saints will shine brighter than the sun
  6. the time will come even in this life when God will take away the reproach and contempt of His people, and make those the ‘head’ who have been the ‘tail’

6. By showing saints that the majority of men make light of God’s ways and walk in the ways of their own hearts: For remedies, consider that

  1. certain scriptures warn against following the sinful examples of men
  2. those who sin with the multitude will suffer with the multitude
  3. the soul of a man is of more worth than heaven and earth

7. By casting in vain thoughts while the soul is seeking God or waiting on God: For remedies, consider that

  1. the God with whom we have to do is great, holy, majestic and glorious
  2. despite wandering thoughts it is needful to be resolute in religious service
  3. vain and trifling thoughts that Satan casts into our souls are not sins if they are abhorred, resisted and disclaimed
  4. watching against, resisting and lamenting sinful thoughts evidences grace and the sincerity of our hearts
  5. we must labor to be filled with the fullness of God and enriched with all spiritual blessings
  6. we must labor to keep up holy and spiritual affections
  7. we must labor to avoid multiplicity of worldly business

8. By tempting Christians to rest in their performances: For remedies, consider that

  1. our choicest services have their imperfection and weaknesses
  2. our choicest services are unable to minister comfort and aid in days of trouble
  3. good works, if rested upon, will as certainly destroy us as the greatest sins that we commit
  4. God has met our need of a resting place in Christ Himself

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