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inCOMMON Community Development has, for years, been one of our closest and dearest partners in the city. They are leaders in Christian community development, doing the broader work of renewal and revitalization in the city of Omaha. And because Coram Deo cares about seeing our city transformed, we enjoy partnering with inCOMMON in all kinds of big and small ways to help Omaha thrive.

Most Christians care about the poor – it’s hard to read the Bible and miss God’s heart for the vulnerable and underprivileged. But “good hearts” don’t make up for bad strategy. And churches are notorious for treating poverty in naive and simplistic ways that often compound the problem rather than alleviating it.

Which is why inCOMMON cares deeply about education – that is, educating people on the best ways to help without hurting. Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD, for short) is one of the huge, important, strategy-shaping concepts that Christians absolutely need to understand and practice in order to serve the poor effectively.

So: here’s your chance to 1) learn one of the most important concepts in poverty alleviation, and 2) take the first step toward serving your city more effectively. On Monday, October 29, inCOMMON is hosting a one-day workshop on Asset-Based Community Development. You’re welcome to come for the whole day or just for part of it. Below is a blurb from inCOMMON giving more details.

Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) is widely regarded as a top best practice in improving the conditions of communities throughout the world. Join us for this unique opportunity to learn from renowned ABCD strategist Dr. Bethany Dudley.

Prepositions are, for the most part, small in size. Yet when it comes to community development, their importance is anything but small. IN, TO, and FOR have been the prepositions of choice for many ministries – yet it is the preposition WITH that has the power to transform a community for the Kingdom. This workshop will explore the transformational power of WITH through Asset Based Christian Community Development, focusing on people over programs, relationships over tasks, and assets meeting needs.

This training will cover the following areas:

  • Biblical understanding of development
  • The WITH model of faith-rooted ministries  (as opposed to IN/TO/FOR models)
  • Foundations of Asset Based Community Development
  • Introduction to Asset Mapping and Community Walking
  • Listening/Learning Conversations
  • Community listening tools
  • Practical application – you will walk out of the training with action steps

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