All The Single Ladies: Audio

A few weeks ago, my wife and I sat down with six of our friends for a very interesting question-and-answer session. These six successful, vivacious, post-college single women wanted to talk freely and openly about dating, marriage, and sex from a gospel-informed, biblical perspective. They spent a week gathering and sorting their best questions and then joined Leigh and me in our living room to invite our answers.

As word leaked out about the conversation, people started to ask if we’d record the exchange to share more broadly. So, with permission, I put a digital recorder on the coffee table and captured the entire 90-minute conversation. It’s posted below for the whole world to listen to. This recording is grassroots, not professional: you’ll hear the dog, the kids, and the dishwasher in the background. But you’ll also hear wisdom, candor, and insight that we hope will bless and benefit many.

Thanks to my good friends Sara, Jenna, Jordan, Katie, Sam, and Nicole for loving my family, walking faithfully with Jesus, and sharing their questions with the world.

Click here to download the MP3 for later, or click below to stream it now:

[audio:|titles=All the Single Ladies|artists=Bob Thune]


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  1. Did you ever define what “dating” is or what it should look like to you? I am a big fan of vetting men though the spiritual leader or fathers or groups they hang with. Getting clear about your what your values are and how you live your life up front is clarifying. You will sift out a ton of guys. But will also attract perhaps the right guys.

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