Coram Deo Is Hosting a Redemption Group Immersion

Over the past few years Coram Deo Church has found Redemption Groups to be a unique and useful means of watching God – the Redeemer – bring liberating freedom and lasting change to many people. Specifically, Redemption Groups have become a transformational context for people in our church community who are struggling with addiction, abuse, and other assorted troubles.

Redemption Groups are intensely focused small groups that dig into difficult and seldom-discussed areas of sin and suffering. They got their start 4 years ago at Mars Hill Church in Seattle, as the pastors there wrestled with the weaknesses of traditional “recovery groups” and sought to pioneer a more biblical, gospel-based approach to pastoral counseling. As Coram Deo formed its own convictions about biblical counseling, we looked to Mars Hill and other Acts 29 churches for insight and partnership. Coram Deo is now one of only four churches in the United States qualified to host a Redemption Group Immersion. So we’re deeply honored to be hosting an Immersion here in Omaha on October 4-6.

The Coram Deo Church Redemption Group Immersion is a three-day long event focusing primarily on the Midwest. Coram Deo will be shouldering the majority of the leadership load as nine different churches come to Omaha to familiarize themselves with the Redemption Group process, consider it for their own churches, and participate in God’s redemptive process with like-minded men and women.

Mike Wilkerson, author of the book Redemption and friend of Coram Deo, is fond of saying, “Not everyone needs a Redemption Group, but everyone needs redemption.” It is our hope that the Omaha Immersion helps people experience redemption in their own lives and learn how to lead others to the Redeemer.

Please pray for this Immersion. Please also pray for our role as a church in the broader Redemption Group Network. We want to both steward and lead well as God has entrusted us with much.

For more information on the content and storyline of Redemption Groups, you can pick up a copy of Redemption by Mike Wilkerson on Amazon or at the Coram Deo resource table on Sunday morning.

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