Atheist Conference Audio Now Posted

Audio from last week’s Theist/Atheist Open Forum at the Midwest Freethought Conference has now been posted. You can head over to the Media Page to listen, or just stream it below.

This audio was recorded live in the room rather than from the professional A/V feed, so you audiophiles will need to lower your expectations. We’ll upload a higher-quality source audio whenever the conference organizers get it to us.

Session Notes:

  • Audio begins with Sarah Morehead, Fred Heeren, and myself introducing ourselves briefly. Then the floor is open for questions from the audience. Panelists were myself and Fred Heeren (representing Christian theism) and Jerry DeWitt and Sarah Morehead (representing atheism).
  • Here are timecodes for particular questions of interest… 5:50 – Are Atheists Dangerous? / 11:00 – With so many religions and branches of Christianity, how do you know which is true? / 16:35 – What is unique about a “Christian worldview?” / 21:52 – Why does unmerited favor (grace) matter? / 33:40 – Why does God seem absent from the world? / 48:00 – Why would a loving God create a world with freedom and evil? / 50:25 – What would it take for you to change your view?
[audio:|titles=Theist/Atheist Open Forum|artists=Bob Thune]

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