Redeeming Family: Invitation

To build a God-honoring, holy, and happy marriage and family you need two things: biblical principles (to help you build things according to God’s design) and gospel renewal (to help you make Jesus and his redemptive work, not a “good family,” the center of everything). Most “Christian” marriage resources only give you the first. We’re hosting the Redeeming Family Conference to give you the second as well.

Rather than offering you the magic bullet that will solve all your marital and family problems, we’re offering you the chance to discover how to live in light of the gospel. We’re inviting you to look deeply into how the gospel, when applied to your marriage and parenting, brings freedom and wholeness and transformation over time. You’ll certainly walk out with a whole lot of good, practical advice. But more importantly, you’ll walk out with a “gospel grid” that will help you recognize God’s redemptive hand in the everyday hard work of marriage and parenting.

Please join us for the Redeeming Family Conference, March 23-24, 2012, at Dundee Presbyterian Church’s facility.

Registration and details at the conference website here

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