Redemption Stories: Erin and Daniel

We love capturing the stories of people in Coram Deo who have experienced the redeeming grace of God through the gospel. This story is one of my personal favorites from the past year… you’ll see why as you watch Erin and Daniel narrate the amazing saga of God’s work in their lives, which involved a trip to Vietnam, a Kindle, a breakup, a sermon on heart idolatry, and the relentless loving concern of family members who loved Jesus and spoke truth.

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  1. This testimony definitely gives glory to God. Only in His infinite wisdom could this story be told and these lives be transformed. I am forever praising God for saving my brother, Daniel, and for bringing Erin into our family. Now they are not only family on this earth but in God’s family for eternity. Thanks for being willing to proclaim it “from the rooftops” (from the www!). May God use this to bring even more fruit for His kingdom, and may He keep you growing ever closer to Him until Jesus returns!

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