Announcement: Coram Deo and Core Are Merging

Yesterday we made a historic announcement: Coram Deo Church and Core Community Church are merging. These two churches, which have been pacesetters in the work of urban, missional church planting in the Midwest, will join forces as one church.

Core Community Church was founded by Ethan Burmeister in the fall of 2000. It was the fourth church to join the then-fledgling Acts 29 Network. Ethan was, in many ways, a man ahead of his time. Ideas like “missional church” were not yet commonplace. Conversations about the intersection of missiology and ecclesiology were just beginning – in places like Seattle and London and Miami. Not Omaha. Misunderstood by many of his local mentors, Ethan was left to fend for himself – and God faithfully used him to pioneer a vital urban church community that was both culturally hip and theologically robust.

Five years later, God called me to plant the Coram Deo Church Community. I learned quickly that church planting is a lonely and often painful endeavor. As I looked around the city for others to learn from, Ethan stood head and shoulders above the rest. He was the only leader in whom I sensed a Spirit-led calling to church planting. It seemed like every other “church planter” was a Bible college grad looking for a paycheck or a wounded guy still trying to earn the affection of his absent father. Ethan was a man among boys, and he told it to me straight. He saved me from a lot of bad decisions and probably deserves credit for more than a few good ones. In the summer of 2006, he urged us to join the Acts 29 Network, connecting Coram Deo to a thriving nexus of church-planting wisdom and affinity.

Over the past six years, God has built a tremendous synergy between Core and Coram Deo. We have coached each other, resourced each other, helped each other. We’ve built a rich web of relational connections. We’ve borrowed each other’s language and trained each other’s leaders and celebrated each other’s milestones. All of this has culminated recently in a series of conversations about merging our two churches into one. Because of our common commitment to historic Reformed theology, complementarian relationships, and missional church planting, we are already closer in chemistry and camaraderie than any other two churches in Omaha. Uniting forces as one church seems a small and simple step toward unity and greater gospel momentum in the city.

The elders of both churches unanimously sense the hand of God orchestrating this merger. God has confirmed our discernment over and over again through prayer, counsel, Scripture, community, and even Spirit-directed dreams and visions. In some sense, this merger is merely the next step in a work that God has been doing for over ten years. Core Community Church was planted with a vision to “renew all of Omaha through a movement of the gospel.” Coram Deo Church Community was planted with a vision to “lead a movement of church planting and gospel renewal throughout our city and region.” Notice the centrality of the word movement in both vision statements. Neither church is content to merely exist. Both long to be part of something greater in our city – something akin to what Jesus taught us to pray: “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, [in Omaha] as it is in heaven.”

So, on September 25, 2011, these two churches will become one. Core Community Church as an entity will cease to exist. Its people and leaders will fold into Coram Deo Church to continue to live out the mission of God in our city. It is our firm conviction that we will be more fruitful and effective together than we could be separately.

For the people within both churches, the fall of 2011 will be a season of immense change. Personal adjustments, relational adjustments, and cultural adjustments will be required. This merger will immediately move Coram Deo into a “size dynamic” that threatens to outpace its current systems and structures. We ask for patience, grace, and humility on the part of all.

For those outside of both churches, we pray that this merger will show forth the glory of God in the gospel of his Son. The God who created all things (Acts 17:24) is in Christ reconciling all things to himself (Colossians 1:20). This reconciliation – this renewal – will not be spiritualized or confined to the individual “private life” of the soul. The gospel of Jesus Christ transforms people and leaders – and as a result, it changes the visible institutions and organizations which they lead. A greater sense of unity, harmony, and submission to Christ is the natural result of the renewing, transforming power of the gospel (Colossians 1:6).

For more context from Core’s perspective, read their blog or check out the FAQ booklet they produced.


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  1. We are very enthused about the merger. Thanks for the kind words on Ethan. His immense personal sacrifice along the way to me has served as a testimony to his calling. I saw him and Erin operate when we are all feeling pretty small back in the day and their vision and calling (and others pointing them in this direction) pulled us through some dark times. Thanks for the great message here and god bless our future.

  2. I believe this is a good move because these are two godly churches led by two godly men. I’m excited what God has in store for this new alignment.

    I have been following and supporting church planting in Omaha for a decade now. I hope the merger allows the new Coram Deo to plant churches locally.

    I’m excited to see what Calvary Chapel and The Water’s Edge are doing as well and how fast both of them are growing. Calvary Chapel is looking at going multi-site and The Water’s Edge is planting a new church downtown. Steadfast Church is launching a church in Gretna as well. Exciting times for church planting in the Omaha area!

    This transition will go great and can only strengthen your impact in the Omaha area!

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