Review: Our Home is Like a Little Church

Sarah Clatterbuck, our Deacon(ess?) for Children’s Ministry, is always on the lookout for good gospel resources to use with kids. She wrote the following review highlighting a new resource that comes to us from our good friends at Sojourn Church in Louisville.

At Coram Deo we believe that the home is the primary context for training and discipling children.  Now we have found a book produced by one of our sister Acts 29 churches that illustrates this concept in a fun and engaging way that both children and parents will appreciate.

Written by members of Sojourn Community Church, Our Home is like a Little Church does a wonderful job of showing children how both their church and their homes engage and instruct them in Christian worship.  Presenting the church and the home on adjacent pages, the authors demonstrate ways in which Sunday morning worship (praising, praying, reading Scripture, etc.) translates to the home through family worship.  For example:

At church the pastor reads to us – the Bible in his hands / We learn about God’s love for us and all of his commands

[Opposite Page] My daddy reads the Bible, too.  I listen and obey / I’m learning how to walk with God and follow in his ways

The fun rhymes and gentle rhythm carry throughout the book, keeping kids’ attention while also making it easier for them to grasp the deep theological truths being presented.  We are confident that Our Home is like a Little Church would be a great addition to your read-aloud collection!  The book is now available at the Coram Deo Resource Table as well as online booksellers.

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  1. This book is wonderful! Our kids love it. Because it rhymes, they have memorized it quickly and can “read along.”

    I highly recommend it.

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