Porterbrook Omaha launches this week

Coram Deo is stoked about being a learning site for the Porterbrook Network. Porterbrook Omaha kicks off this Thursday, with about 25 students enrolled from Omaha and Lincoln.

Porterbrook is a church-based theological training program that exists to build future leaders for the church. Instead of a scholastic model of classroom-driven academic instruction, it utilizes a cohort model designed to maximize integration and application of the content. The whole curriculum is missional in nature, which is one reason why it aligns so beautifully with Coram Deo’s DNA and vision. I have been preparing for the intro seminars for the past 2 weeks, and I can tell you: the Porterbrook content is some of the best material I’ve ever seen. It is well-written, well-designed, and best of all, it’s oriented around the distinctives of gospel-mission-community, so every module is drenched in rich application in those three areas.

Please pray for the 25 people who are beginning the Porterbrook program this week. And consider whether God might be calling you to participate in the future. This is “theology for everyone,” written by practitioners and for practitioners. For more, check out the PB Network website or the helpful website put together by Porterbrook Austin.

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