How to Cry Out to God

from sermon “The Reign of God: Rejection (Psalm 89)”

  1. Relate: cry out to God in community (Ps 89 is a communal lament, composed to give voice to the longings of God’s people)
  2. Refocus: reorient your heart and mind around who God is and what He’s done (Ps 89:1-18)
  3. Remind: remind God of His promises (Ps 89:19-37)
  4. Reason: dialogue with God about the dissonance between his promises and the current reality (Ps 89:38-45)
  5. Call on God to remember: ask God to ‘remember’ his covenant (Ps 89:46-52)


  • Lamenting is different than complaining (God-centered, not self-centered)
  • God’s covenant is the defining reality (don’t hold God to promises he hasn’t made)


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  1. That song was indeed a perfect choice! Simeon calls that the “God remember me song.” Tony and I talked on the way home about how each week the music is so wisely chosen and how it adds to the depth and richness of our worship experience. So enjoyed everything Sunday. The lamenting vs. complaining part was a particularly good reminder for my heart. Sadly, I am still so self-centered/self-focused sometimes. I was reminded afresh lately that is definitely not about me. Thankful for the missional reminder of how to be crying out to God for our city and for our world and not just for ourselves.

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