Hugh Halter at Omaha Church Planter’s Quarterly

For the past two years we’ve been gathering together every church planter we know in Omaha for a quarterly lunch. At these quarterly events we pray together, talk about the city, and serve each other through teaching and training. We’re pleased to announce that Hugh Halter will be the featured speaker for the next “Omaha Church Planters’ Quarterly” on March 30.

Hugh is a missional-church pioneer who describes himself as “a mentor to church planters and somewhat jaded pastor of the Adullam church network in Denver.” He is best known for his recent book The Tangible Kingdom, which has become a must-read among church planting strategists and missional leaders everywhere. Hugh has been a featured speaker at dozens of church planting conferences including Exponential and Verge.

Hugh has been a longtime friend to Core and Coram Deo. What we love most about him is that he is both passionate and pastoral. He isn’t afraid to challenge your thinking, but he’s humble and charitable and disarming in his posture. And he isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of guy. In his own words, “We’re about all forms of churches: Mega/Micro/Traditional/Contemporary/Mainline. We need them all, but all need to be led by Missionary thinkers and move beyond simply ‘doing church.’  God’s church must get back on the move and find the beautiful balance between gathering and scattering.”

Our goal in bringing Hugh in is to help church leaders think about how to create missional structures. How can you help people live out the gospel in everyday life? What must churches do to shape missionaries, not just Sunday-morning Christians? How can leaders create missional opportunities that fit their context? The theme of this quarterly will be “Your Church on Mission.”

The invitation has already gone out to the church planters we know, but we wanted to post it here on the blog to reach missional leaders we might otherwise miss. If you’d like to attend this lunch, please email We are accepting RSVP’s on a first-come, first-served basis, with priority given to pastors, church planters, and small group leaders. The event will take place from 11 AM to 2 PM on TUESDAY, MARCH 30, at City Church in Benson.

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