A Note of Gratitude to the Generous

On behalf Mosaic Community Development, the board of directors, staff, volunteers and all those directly affected by the recent and generous gift from the people of Coram Deo… thank you so very much! This is without a doubt the largest financial contribution we have ever received, however what really excites me is the fact that Christ followers at Coram Deo are embracing the teachings of Jesus about the poor, by giving out of your extra resources.

Often times when I meet someone from Coram Deo they remember the time I shared with your Sunday morning community about how the serving poor can highlight our own poverty. In particular a story about my bike being stolen always sticks out in peoples minds as they recall my emotional retelling of learning how to love the friend/thief who betrayed my trust, not only by stealing my very expensive bike, but then pawning it for drug money at about 5% of it’s actual value. I never got my bike back, but I learned about my poverty of spirit, in that I have the potential to place an object like my bike above forgiving my friend and restoring our relationship. My poverty ran deep. God used that bike theft to highlight how much I loved ‘stuff’ and how little I loved Him or the poor. Since then I am often reminded of how easy it is to hold on tightly to what I have been given and store up the extra of God’s blessing for myself.

It’s very encouraging for me to see the people of Coram Deo wrestling with the ideas of how money should be used and caring for the ‘poor in our midst’ by giving of their excess resources. Thanks for joining with Mosaic in exploring the poverty in our own lives as we care for poor in the city. Blessings to you all as you seek His kingdom.

With sincere gratitude,

Matthew Smith
MCD Board Chairman

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