In May of 2005 our family began the process of trying to adopt a little girl from China. We have 3 biological children and could certainly make more, but we were impressed by God in prayer that there are plenty of orphaned children in the world who need parents as well. Especially in China.

China’s communist government has an official “one child policy.” Having multiple children is punished by heavy taxes and fines, and in some cases, forced abortion or sterilization. Since China is a highly patriarchal society, most Chinese want their one child to be a boy. 98% of the orphan population in China are little girls… girls who are going to grow up without a daddy or mommy and, if not adopted in childhood, will likely end up in prostitution or sexual slavery. God brought a strong conviction to us that this is a gospel issue. If the gospel is really at work in us, we will be at work to bring redemption (right the wrongs) in the world. We do not have the leverage to change government policy in China or to mount a global human rights campaign. But adopting a baby is a beautiful way to redeem a life and live out our conviction that every human person is an image-bearer of God. The macro picture (political action, global human rights) is important, too… but the micro level is where we take personal ownership of redemption.

The time has finally come. After 2 long years of waiting, we finally received yesterday a photo of the little girl that God, in His providence, has chosen from the beginning of time to add to our family. Here she is!


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  1. Congrats Bob,. .

    Jody and I are adopting, Lord willing, from Ethiopia early next year. It’s a great journey,. . and I agree, it’s all about the gospel. There’s a great article on resurgence by Anthony Bradley called “Orphans and the American Dream” . . . challenging to say the least.

    God bless you guys with all the details,


  2. bob-it was great to hear what God’s been doing around Coram Deo lately. This is far more exciting than anything we talked about this morning-congrats!

  3. And not only will she be adopted by your earthly family, but, Lord-willing, into His family. Instead of an abandoned orphan her entire life, adopted twice in one lifetime! Grace indeed.

  4. Providence Indeed! We adopted a girl from Korea 4 1/2 years ago – and I always use that term, because even though we could have selected a girl (because we had 2 boys) we said we wouldn’t choose the sex, because God already knew who are third child was to be – his providential plan was already at work. I was adopted as an infant as well and I’m so grateful for his providence that he saw fit to put me in a loving, christian home – rescued from who knows what. Congratulations Leigh and Bob on the addition of Grace to your beautiful family.

  5. Bob, this is awesome! Your new little girl is beautiful. I’m so happy your family and especially for your new baby girl.

    I just spent some time with children in an orphange in Bamako, Mali yesterday (July 13th) so hearing this news hits me especially close to my heart. Orphaned chlidren need love so badly all across the world.

    May God bless your family as you take in your new baby girl.

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