Calvinism Making A Comeback?

Today I picked up the latest copy of Christianity Today because I saw this cover and it caught my interest. Apparently Calvinism is making a comeback. That was interesting to me for a couple of reasons: 1) I didn’t know it was down, and 2) it’s always interesting to read popular caricatures of Calvinism.

You won’t often hear me refer to “Calvinism” because I don’t follow a theologian, I follow Jesus. I do believe the Reformed theology espoused by John Calvin is biblical and right and good. But it is so wrongly represented and so misunderstood by so many people that carrying the label quickly leads to useless debates. For all the people who think they know what Calvinism is about, I have yet to meet more than a handful who have read anything Calvin wrote. Or Romans, for that matter.

“Calvinism” connotes trite academic debates and wrangling about theological minutiae. But the true heart of Reformed Theology is about worship and the gospel and the glory of God and a good sense of humor that can call Jonathan Edwards your homeboy.

However, like the CT cover says, apparently we’re young and restless and shaking up the church. Sounds so… subversive, doesn’t it?


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  1. I’m anxious to see the article. I hope it won’t frustrate me like alot of people who write about “Calvinism” but don’t really “know” him…..brenda

  2. Hooley, do you live in Omaha? Because I don’t want to copy your awesome shirt if you do. But if you don’t I’m buying it, because it cracked me up.

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