If Church Planting Doesn't Work Out, I Should…

I’ve been going through some assessments recently to get CD connected to a church planting network. Here’s what the cool, objective, test result printout told me:

Common occupational choices for your personality type include Business Strategist, Insurance Actuary, Editor, Technical Writer, Chemist, Biologist, Physicist, College Professor, Architect, Scientific Researcher, Systems Architect, Hardware Designer, Museum Curator, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Minister, Priest, Rabbi, and Foreign Language Translator.


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  1. My vote is for insurance actuary. You only have to take like ten tests over the course of a few years to become certified. Then, you could work at Woodman of the World like that guy from that movie, Schmidt.

    Also, I could see you as a rabbi.

  2. You already call yourself an architect! (blog, left side)

    Under no circumstances consider hardware designer or systems architect. Trust me on this. 🙂

  3. Sounds like dudes with your personality need a “wide range” of opportunities. (open for interpretation)

    By the way, editing is your chief spiritual gift and it made the list. I’m tellin you man…

  4. Cultural architecture is better than real architecture, because if I get something wrong, buildings don’t fall down and crush people.

    Thanks DWhite… you always saw something in me, didn’t you? By the way, not sure what the deal is… but you should let someone else work on bus radiators from now on. We’re prayin’ you up.

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