Year-end Reflections: Missional Leadership

I have asked the core of Coram Deo to reflect on what it means to be a missional spiritual leader, and on whether you are fulfilling that calling. Here’s a helpful thought from Alex McManus:

The role of a leader is to create a missional culture. This missional culture is one that legitimizes decisions that “work” for the outsiders – those we are trying to reach – over those decisions that “work” for insiders only. A cool articulation of this value in a mission statement isn’t enough. This architecture must be embodied in a person in order for it to be real… it isn’t enough to find someone who “wants” to plant a church. The right [leader] “has to” reach people, “must” impact culture, and he’ll attempt it with or without our money, our buildings, and our structures.

So: do you WANT to reach people, or do you HAVE TO reach people?

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